April 27, 2018



December 22, 2017


Joanna and BHOC are featured on a 30 minute episode of FarmHer that airs on Rural Free Delivery TV! Filmed in the early fall of 2017 this full length show highlights women in farming and what Joanna loves about working on the ocean. For a short clip you can watch here.  

Joanna and Jesse joined Catherine Schmitt on the show Coastal Conversations at WERU to discuss how oysters are grown, the market for Maine oysters, and how to serve and eat oysters. You can listen here.

August 3, 2017

In 2016, a year before BHOC had fully-developed market size oysters, author Nick Savage, came on a farm tour. He describes his experience on our farm and also discuss other aquaculture ventures he explored while in Maine. Clink the link to read "You're so Maine: a tour of the U.S.A.'s seafood state".


May 28, 2017

Even though our oysters were only on the brink of market size we were eager to get some fresh out of the water for Oyster Sommelier, Julie Qiu. Find her review here